Accepting the past

by becca3000

As human beings we have so many emotions which shape our every day lives. Due to this, letting go of the past can become increasingly difficult as we spend more and more time dwelling on what once was. Often this fixation with remembering our past times, has the ability to hinder the future upon us.

No matter how hard you try to forget particular events which have happened to you in your life, the world always finds ways to throw little reminders at you, putting you off track. Interrupting the journey you’ve taken in order to leave those troubles behind and move on.

Starting a fresh is something most people say they’re going to do on the first of January each year. Very little succeed with this mission. Often they will try to ‘start again’ mid way through the year finding it just as difficult as they did the first time around. This is because each and every one of us has a history which makes us who we are. If you try to forget what has made you, YOU, then who will you end up being?

When there is something in your life, a memory, which you wish was not there, you can’t just erase it. Despite wishing that it was possible, the memory can’t just be wiped away and forgotten. Use the negative feelings from it, to turn yourself into a better person. Learn from it; and learn from your mistakes. Yes, having this experience in the back of your mind may be daunting, and often upsetting as you remember specific moments of your life which do not occur anymore, but you must be strong.

You must never regret anything. In that split moment when you took the decision to partake in an event, you thought it was the right thing. If you look back now and wish you hadn’t have done a certain something, abolish these thoughts immediately. Imagine how you would feel if you hadn’t have done it. You’d still be full of regret and discontentment with yourself.  You’d be disappointed.

The past will always creep up on you, especially when you least expect it. So don’t waste your time trying to forget and remove them from your mind. Instead, accept the past. Learn to deal with it in your own way. Be happy with how it turned out , as it would have become a significant part of the process of you becoming you. Accept that not all things go right in life, and that a minor hiccup won’t ruin the rest of your life, it will only prepare you for more important moments to follow.